Marty Mizrahi


Marty Mizrahi

Marty Mizrahi has been in the real estate
business since early 90’s Internet Pioneer
Marty Mizrahi has grew up in Los Angeles,
Marty Mizrahi

Martin Mizrahi, (born in Los Angeles, CA on March 22nd), is an entrepreneur, innovator, visionary and developer known to all as “Marty”. Marty is renowned for having launched numerous companies dating back to the early 1980’s, From Flyer business’s in his early teens to computer business’s evolving into an Internet Trailblazer in 1993 when the internet first began. He has made prominent contributions to the City of Las Vegas, Downtown Area by providing free Wi-Fi Internet service to the city’s visitors.

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evolved into an advanced

marketing tool creating the opportunity to partner with two local television stations, KVBC NBC Channel 3 and Fox. Marty is responsible for establishing the ISP LV.Net, a multi-service internet solutions provider and multiple Data Centers. He has maintained this company over the years providing a wide range of conventional dial-up and wireless internet to multi-site high bandwidth access and recovery solutions. Marty Mizrahi bought 100,000’s of domain names
During the 1990’s Marty procured and registered 100,000’s of Internet Domain names which steered him to develop several tourism sites such as Vegas.Com, Hawaii.Com, LA.Com, Illinois.Com and LasVegas.Net which he later sold most of the companies/websites.

In 2006, The City of Las Vegas honored
Marty Mizrahi and LasVegas.Net

with a Proclamation Declaring September 6, LasVegas.Net Day. And in 2013, Marty was praised for his work in providing free W-Fi Internet service to Downtown Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capitol of the world.


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Marty Mizrahi, publisher of LasVegas.Net Magazine, founded the well-known travel website in the early 1990s. In 2006, Mayor Oscar Goodman issued a proclamation to Mizrahi’s LasVegas.Net. In the early days of the Internet, when domain names could be registered for nothing, Marty Mizrahi purchased 100,000s of domain names and later sold them off to huge companies and corporations. Marty Mizrahi, president of LV.Net and creator of,, and, is the publisher of LV.Net Las Vegas Magazine. To promote the Entertainment Capital of the World and the free Wi-Fi his business provides; Marty Mizrahi has also developed new print and digital publications that will target travelers in Las Vegas.


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