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Marty Mizrahi

Biography Internet Pioneer

Marty Mizrahi Biography Internet Pioneer

Marty started working in elementary school. He started business after business and worked for companies at the same time during his early youth years.
Marty Mizrahi born in Los Angeles

Marty Mizrahi internet pioneer. Starting in the early 1990’s. Marty bought 100,000’s of domain names in the early years of the Internet when domain names were free to register. Marty realized a future opportunity and began registering domain names and building sites around them. Among his several websites he started,,, and is of his most notable. He later sold most of his tourism sites. notably being purchased by the Gannett Co. who owns Los Angeles daily News, USA Today and other print media that reaches millions of readers daily.

Following in his father’s footsteps as an entrepreneur, he started Eastman Computers, a computer wholesale company in 1990. Within a few years Marty had guided Eastman into a company bringing in over $7 million per year in his early 20’s.

Being ahead of the game and using his business savvy skills, Marty founded MetroNet Paging & Cellular. After a successful profit and a customer base of over 10,000 pager customers he sold the business to a local pager company. Marty ran multiple companies at the same time.

Moving forward to 1996, he founded and Vegas.Net and later sold them. He then founded LasVegas.Net. LasVegas.Net highlights popular attractions such as hotels, casinos, shows, wedding, nightlife and restaurants. In addition to providing travel content, the 100,000+ strong business directory is a tool local residents and visitors find equally useful. The Directory offers several features to assist local residents and visitors with locating and comparing businesses including online hotel reservations, show booking, current and future conventions and instant maps and directions that are user-based friendly. With all this content LasVegas.Net is on the top 10 of the search engines for over 100,000 key words.

Using his background in computers and the internet as his guide, Marty then founded the ISP LV.Net. LV.Net is a leading multi-service internet solutions provider. Their services range from conventional dialup and wireless internet to multi-site high bandwidth access with custom intranets and recovery solutions. LV.Net prides itself on being a customer service oriented company. As a utility, LV.Net was given unprecedented access to all the light poles in the City and County of Las Vegas. With that access and using wireless point to point and point to multi-point technology. LV.Net beams WiFi services into 60% of the Las Vegas hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip as well as provides wireless internet access throughout the area.

LV.Net and LasVegas.Net continue to grow and Marty Mizrahi is looking to the future to guide both his wireless ISP and extensive travel portal into well known, lucrative and ever changing businesses. It has been rumored that Marty is in the process of forming a development team to look into his passion of starting an online gaming site. In addition, he is selectively adding individuals to his organization that are well versed in marketing, public relations and project management. There is no doubt that Martin “Marty” Mizrahi is a name to watch among the notable Las Vegas Business Professionals.


hard work eye for business

His hard work and eye for business recently led him into being invited into the elite group, Las Vegas Executives Association. LVEA is considered one of the best resources for finding top companies in Las Vegas when you need help with your business. Members are selected after peer recommendations, in-depth interviews and careful background screenings. This ensures each member has an impeccable reputation, offers professional goods or services, and engages in sound, ethical business practices. Their main objective in their mission statement is “Do business with us. Do it right.”


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